Amy Irving on Acting

“I think every job you always end up bruised in some way. Everyone throws themselves into it. If you don’t have to do it eight shows a week and you’ve got your one shot, you go for it. That’s why people get slapped and people get grabbed and… shit happens. You get more to react off of.” – Amy Irving


Sissy Spacek on “Carrie”

“I studied the Doré etchings from the Bible and all these Biblically-inspired body positions. I was always extremely aware of how my hands were positioned. If you watch the movie, every scene opens and closes like a religious painting, which use dramatic and traumatic positioning. I love art, and fine arts influence me a lot. In Carrie, I got to play all this out, and it was an amazing experience.” – Sissy Spacek


Brian De Palma on Piper Laurie

“Piper brought such a unique interpretation to the character.  The diabolical, crazy mother is a staple of cinema, and she brought a bizarreness that you really couldn’t put your finger on.  Whether it was comic or slightly exaggerated; it was all quite real.  And Piper is very much like that herself – you don’t really have a grip on Piper’s personality.  She’s very surprising, and she’s kind of a unique creature.” – Brian De Palma


Alternate Locker Room Scene

There was an alternate version of the opening credits that was shot specifically for television broadcast, which removes the infamous nudity.  However, this version hasn’t been shown on TV in quite some time. Today, the theatrical version is aired with digital fogging and sometimes with bras and panties digitally added.

The scene was not included on the DVD release of “Carrie”. I ripped it directly from a copy my mom recorded when the film aired on WPIX 25 years ago! It goes without saying that the picture and sound quality are very poor. Enjoy!


(We Were) Born to Have It All

ImageLee and I are still hard at work interviewing as many Carrie people as we can.  So far we’ve had a lot of luck locating everyone and gaining their cooperation.  We recently conducted a new, lengthy interview with director Brian De Palma to add to the already massive list of contributors we have lined up for this book.  We know you will enjoy our candid and detailed chat with Mr. De Palma as much as we did.

There’s also a short piece about us – the first! – on Fangoria magazine’s website, which we hope will bring this book to more people’s attention.  Thanks, Chris!