Sissy Spacek on “Carrie”

“I studied the Doré etchings from the Bible and all these Biblically-inspired body positions. I was always extremely aware of how my hands were positioned. If you watch the movie, every scene opens and closes like a religious painting, which use dramatic and traumatic positioning. I love art, and fine arts influence me a lot. In Carrie, I got to play all this out, and it was an amazing experience.” – Sissy Spacek


4 thoughts on “Sissy Spacek on “Carrie”

  1. Oh my goodness, this is terrific. I love this actress. When does this book come out? Will it have rare photos from the movie? Oh wow, i really want to buy this now. Who is publishing? I do hope they do a nice job. I think this would be great big and colorful. I’m telling everyone I know about this. We all love this movie. In my town, my friends and I have special “Carrie” screenings. I mean just in my living room, but still. Great work Ryan. This is cool.

  2. CARRIE was the first movie of Sissy Spacek that I became a fan of. I hope there will be a lot of color photos in the book especially the shots of Sissy coming down from the stage with it set a blaze and also her exiting the gym with the gym inside on fire as we see Sissy leaving the gym.

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